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This page is part of the Digger.Com self-help information supporting the Digger.com Private Beta Program.

All information provided on this page is confidential information of TextDigger, Inc. If you are not authorized to use this site, you must exit now.

Your continued use of the site is your implicit agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the information gained through the use of the Digger.Com Private Beta.


Digger.com ("Digger") is a next generation search tool developed by TextDigger, Inc . Digger is one of several products developed by TextDigger, Inc. to provide semantic search, navigation and optimization solutions for the web. Additional information regarding TextDigger's other products (Automatic Content Tagging, Keyword Generation, and Related Search can be found at additional TextDigger Products .

Digger is a different kind of search tool. Rather than having to carefully craft the words used to search for content on the Web, Digger intelligently and automatically presents you with reasonable variations of your query. By analyzing the context and relationships of the words in your search query and content on the Web, Digger is able to present relevant sites that might otherwise be buried by other search engines. Digger accomplishes this by analyzing all the possible meanings of the words in your query, in order to find more relevant documents. And unlike other search tools, Digger shows you how it interpreted your words and allows you to quickly focus the search result set and/or correct any misunderstandings of the semantic search engine relative to your intended use. In comparison to keyword search engines, Digger provides an automated tool for expanding the semantics of their traditional search models, while giving you much more control over the semantics of your search.

TextDigger is currently running a private beta for its Digger semantic search engine. During the private beta, all users will need an invitation code in order to create a free Digger account to utilize the system. To request one, just click the appropriate link on the Digger.com home page .

Only the portions of the TextDigger help Facility related to Digger.Com have been activated for the Digger private beta. The help facility provides additional information to enhance your understanding and success with Digger. The Digger.Com help facility is implemented using modern wiki technology based on the MediaWiki engine and provides information organized into four categories: Search Assistance, Wiki Information, Communicating, and Other. Click on the appropriate section of the Digger Help Diagram to go to each of the specific sections.

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Tool Specific Help

This section provides tool specific assistance to each of the TextDigger tool offerings.

The following three tools are Not Available in the Digger.com Beta Program - See TextDigger Products for additional information.

  • Automated Keyword Tagging
  • Related Search
  • Hosted Search

Wiki Basics

The Wiki Basics Help Section provides users with information about wikis that is useful in enhancing your interaction with the Digger.Com wiki. This section contains information at three levels:

In addition, we provide some additional links to generally available information on the web if you would like to expand your knowledge of wikis and their use. As an example, viewing the MediaWiki Platform Help Information link will provide access to the entire information base of the MediaWiki.org site.

Experienced wiki users should feel free to skip portions of this material such as the General Wiki Information . Other users that are new to wikis should, at a minimum, review the General Wiki Information and the Digger.com Wiki Specific Information materials.

Communicating with TextDigger and Beta Participants

There are several facilities available for use in communicating with TextDigger and other Beta Participants during the Beta Program. Although some forms of communication can be used for multiple purposes, we recommend using each for their primary intended purpose in order to facilitate rapid and effective communication with the intended audience. The following facilities are available:

Intended Use: User to TextDigger. Provide direct and immediate feedback to TextDigger about some aspect of the search process in which you are currently engaged.
Intended Use: Multi-Directional to/from TextDigger and Beta Community. The discussion pages are available on every page within the Digger.com Wiki Help facility. You can post specific questions about the pages content; including errors, omissions, desired changes or additional information, or even how Others are using this information.
Intended Use: User to TextDigger. Use of email is encouraged only for more detailed questions and or submissions that require attachments, or special attention not appropriate for the entire user community.
Intended Use: TextDigger to entire Beta Program Community. This is used to send messages about the Beta program to all users simultaneously.

Other Info


Access to user user preferences and account settings for both the Digger Wiki and the Digger Semantic Search Engine.

Site Layout

Simple graphical view of the Digger.com Site Layout for easy reference.