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This page is part of the Digger.Com self-help information supporting the Private Beta Program.

All information provided on this page is confidential information of TextDigger, Inc. If you are not authorized to use this site, you must exit now.

Your continued use of the site is your implicit agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the information gained through the use of the Digger.Com Private Beta.


Feedback Links

If you click on the link which displays like the image below ...


...the following dialog box appears, which you can use to send the TextDigger staff questions and comments about your search results.


General Comments

The "Discussion" tab on any of the pages in the DiggerWiki Help Facility can be used for leaving comments or messages specific to content on that page. For comments that are not related to these pages, or for comments related to the Digger.Com site, please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions utilizing the Main Page discussion tab.

emailing TextDigger Beta Support

Users participating in the Beta program are strongly encouraged to utilize feedback mechanisms built directly into the site and the associated Wiki help facility. It is appropriate to utilize email under the following conditions:

  1. Confidentiality. The question at hand involves information that you prefer to keep secret from other Beta users.
  2. Message Complexity. If the question or issue being raised is very complex or lengthy, or may confuse other participants.
  3. Attachments. If you need to send attachments in addition to your inquiry.

These are all potentially legitimate reasons for using the email inquiry. Please remember, that if you have a question, it is likely that others have the same or similar question as well. Part of the value of the beta program is to learn from one another, and if you bypass the collaboration available on the wiki, you also bypass the potentially rich responses that your fellow participants can offer you.

Confirmed DIGGER.COM Private Beta users may post items to the project ListServer at .

If you prefer to use a private email, please send inquires to: .

Site Messages

Occasionally, TextDigger may need to push information to all Beta participants. This might be about fixes, new features coming on-line, answers to a commonly asked question (these should migrate to the FAQ page over time), or even to schedule a system outage. When it becomes necessary to broadcast a message of this type, TextDigger will do the following: (1) Indicate on the page the presence of an information broadcast, and on every page of the Wiki Help Facility we will post the message at the top of each page.