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This page is part of the Digger.Com self-help information supporting the Private Beta Program.

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Every page within the Digger wiki has the same conceptual layout. The layout can be visualized as a set of layout regions (or boxes) that exist on all most Article Pages in the wiki. Article Pages are the main content pages of the wiki. Some elements within a particular layout region may or may not be visible to a particular user depending on the authorization rights of the user. The Wiki Page Conceptual Layout is pictured below. A brief description of each of these areas and their main elements is provided below the diagram.


Header Links
These are links to wiki features that directly affect the user experience within the wiki. The current set of links, along with a short description are listed below. For each of the links, an example is provided using the Login User ID of Tester .
  • User . The default home page for the current user. The page reference label will always be of the form: User :UserName , where User is the wiki namespace for ALL User pages, and UserName is the Login User ID for the current user. Example: The displayed link would be Tester , and the destination of the link would be the wiki page titled: User:Tester .
  • my talk . The Talk/discussion shadow page for the current user's default home page (see User above). Example: User Talk:Tester
  • preferences . This link accesses a Digger wiki Special Page that allows the current user to set and modify several parameters that affect how information is presented to the user. A user can also modify their wiki password from this link.
  • my watchlist . This link access a Digger wiki Special Page that lists of all pages the current user is actively tracking for changes. When a change occurs to a page on the watchlist, a notification is automatically sent to the user.
  • my contributions . This link accesses a Digger wiki Special Page that lists all modifications that have been made by the current user.
  • logout . Exit the wiki. Once a user exits the wiki, the user will be required to login again in order to access the wiki content.

Action Links
These are links to associated "shadow" pages for each page in the wiki. These links appear as tabs on the top left area of the content display (i.e., above the page body). The first of these tabs is always the page itself (An Article Page). It is open by default when you navigate to the page. Associated with the page tab are several other tabs which may or may not be visible depending on your user rights. These may include some or all of the following: discussion (an area for users to provide comments and feedback regarding the content of this particular page); view source (allows viewing, but no modification of the page source); edit (allows viewing and modifications to the page source); history (provides a change log for the page); ...

Embedded Content Links
These are links embedded in the page content that provide direct access to other content pages that may reside within the active wiki, external to the wiki on other TextDigger web locations, or even elsewhere on the Internet.

Sidebar Links
These are links organized in a menu-like structure to assist the user in easily navigating the wiki. The Digger wiki currently has two sections in the Sidebar: Navigation (links to often used Digger wiki pages); Search help (for wiki search only, using either the "Go" option - direct access to named pages, or the "Search" option - finding all page titles or body text with the requested search words). Other sections are available to administrative and edit users.

Footer Links
These are links to standard business information accessible from all Digger Wiki pages. Currently these include:
  • Privacy policy . Links to the full text version of the TextDigger, Inc. Privacy Policy. Actual Link - DiggerWiki:Privacy policy
  • About DiggerWiki . Links to the full text version of . Actual Link - DiggerWiki:About
  • Disclaimers . Links to the full text version of the TextDigger, Inc. legal disclaimers. Actual Link - DiggerWiki:General disclaimer
  • MediaWiki . A link accessed through the MediaWiki icon that goes back to the domain. You may wish to visit the actual link -

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.