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NOTE: Using MediaWiki Definition Lists. Terms should be arranged alphabetically within Topic Categories, which are themselves organized alphabetically.

Lexicographic Terminology

Definition: A word with the exact opposite meaning of another word.
Example: "high" vs "low"
Definition: The word under which a set of related dictionary definitions will be listed.
Example: car
hypernym or hyperonym
Definition: A generic word that stands for a class or group of equally-ranked items.
Example: motor vehicle, automotive vehicle
Definition: An item that belongs to and is equally-ranked in a generic class or group.
Example: ambulance, bus, man
Definition: The science or practice of compiling dictionaries, based on a study of the form, meaning, and behavior of the words in a given language.
Example: None.
Definition: A word that names a part that belongs to and is therefore subordinate to a larger entity.
Example: (i) air bag, car mirror, car seat; (ii) X is a meronym of Y if X is a part of Y
Definition: A word which is equivalent in meaning or nearly so to another word.
Example: auto, automobile, machine, motorcar

Wiki Terminology

discussion page
Definition: A type of wiki page, commonly referred to as a "Talk" page. Each Talk page is paired with an Article page of the same name, with the only exception being that the Article page resides in the "Main" namespace, and the Talk/Discussion page resides in the "Talk" namespace. These pages are intended for bi-directional collaboration amongst wiki users, with the convention being that information conveyed on a Talk or Discussion page is confined to the topical area of the associated Article page.

Definition: A Wiki is a type of website that allows visitors to add, remove, and sometimes edit the available content. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring.
Example: MediaWiki is the most successful wiki program on the web today, used by some of the largest Internet collaborative web sites, such as Wikipedia .