Quick Start Guide

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This page is part of the Digger.Com self-help information supporting the Digger.com Private Beta Program.

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The best way to get started with Digger is to do these three simple steps (we'll explain each one below):

Step 1: Enter a discovery search

"Discovery searches" are different from "navigational searches". A discovery search means a search that is a general description of a topic or idea, rather than simply looking for one specific website. Hotel with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge is a discovery search, but "San Francisco Hyatt home page" is a navigation search. Digger shows its merits the most clearly on discovery searches.


Step 2: Click "Refine Keywords"


Then click on the drop down menu to select alternative senses to your words, if necessary. This means, if you typed kids pool and meant billiards instead of a swimming pool, you can tweak that.


Step 3: Optional Refinements

Click edit current sense to change synonyms or context words

Click add a new sense to create a sense of a word that we don't even have yet

This means if you entered a new buzz word or a technical term that Digger doesn't know (or for which Digger just doesn't have the right synonyms), you can make changes to the global Digger dictionary - all users will benefit in the future from you having added (or edited) the word sense.

Ready for more? Click here for more information about searching with Digger.