Semantic Search Engine

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The Search Help Section of the Wiki provides information to assist in the development and understanding of the search process.

General Search Engine Processing

Search Engine Basics

Basic information related to searching with Digger.Com.

Search Engine Power Tips

Advanced, or specialized features that can be used with Digger.Com.

Digger Specific Search

Digger: Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides an abbreviated description of the Three Step Approach to "digging" with the Semantic Search Engine (SSE). The Three Step Approach entails: creation of the discovery search, automated keyword expansion with user refinement, and context or sense adjustment. It's really easy, just take a look and start digging within minutes!

Digger: Searching

An expanded, more detailed collection of information that extends what is provided in the Quick Start Guide.

Digger: Adding and Editing Senses

Senses are used by the Semantic Search Engine to put context around the keywords and keyword phrases that are submitted in the query. Each user of the SSE is also encouraged to submit changes to TextDigger as part of using Senses. All changes are reviewed by expert lexicographers and moved into the meta-information used by as appropriate.

Digger: More Editing Tips

This section explains how you can easily customize the Semantic Search Engine to better meet your requirements on an ongoing basis. This is particularly useful when you expect to save customized searches for repeated use, or as a template to branch off into other closely related search queries.

Digger: Sample Queries

A small set of example queries and their results are provided. We will be expanding this as part of the Beta Program as we ask the Beta users to submit query examples that highlight the advantages of semantic search over traditional keyword searching - with the best query(ies) receiving a PRIZE!